Bitcoin Gambling In UK Is Legal and Accessible to Everyone!

Card games were played in one form or another since before 900 AD. It is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. These cards had beautifully drawn patterns in each one. In Europe, important figures such as kings, bishops and cardinals were drawn in them. The European version eventually turned into the 52-card gaming decks that a lot of players and casinos use today. Many card games are invented thanks to the 52-card gaming deck. Baccarat, poker and blackjack were among the popularly played worldwide. Every game has unique set of rules but they all use the same deck.

Blackjack Card Game

Blackjack is a game that has unclear origins but a popular one. Colors and symbols are not important. The cards with numbers 2-10 retain their value. The cards with faces – kings, queens, and jacks have a value of 10. Ace cards both serves as numbers 1 or 11. Three (3) game variations are most likely to be the source of this game:

  • The Italian game of “seven and a half” has the goal to have a hand with cards with a value of seven and a half. Players receive two (2) cards. In the game, cards with numbers 2-7 retain their value. Cards with numbers 8-10 are taken out of the deck. Cards with no numbers are given a value of ½.
  • The Spanish game of “thirty-one” aims to have a hand with a card value of 31. Players are given three (3) cards to try to reach the number. The card value is the same as the modern blackjack.
  • The French game of “vingt-et-un” is the closest one. Players are given two (2) cards per game. The aim is to have a hand that has a value of or value close to 21.

Bitcoin Gambling

Transactions are fast with bitcoins. It is the main reason why many use it. It is one of the alternative forms of payment for goods and services. Bitcoin gambling is legal where online casinos are available. Every country has unique rules when it comes to gambling and use of bitcoins. Gambling with bitcoins in UK is legal. Best Bitcoin Casinos give more information where UK players can play blackjack games and receive generous bonuses.

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