Binary Options Scam

Binary options Scams – Are they true or false?

Binary options can be taken to be a scale on which online trading and CFD exchange sites can be measured. They have been around since 1999 and hence have seen the market go through intense changes and have survived all of it. This is because they are adaptive, serious and offer really good trades all the time. But the most important reason why people still adhere to them is because they are genuine. They are real businessmen trying to give people a real service and that too at the best conditions you can think of. Since we are all trying to make money with binary options, here are the Kinds of scams to avoid.

  • Transfer Scams

This is basically discrepancy in transferring your money from their account to yours or rather the Binary options scam related to withdrawal. There have been many posts that say that when you try to withdraw money from their account to yours your money sometimes is reduced if it does not totally vanish. But this has been proven to be true in just two cases both of which were taken care of satisfactorily. The rest are questionable in their existence.

  • Forex Scams

This Binary options Scam is actually a glitch in the system in most cases. The broker system is an overworked and over-clocked system and hence can become glitchy at times. There have been instances when the system broke down and many transfers were locked down. But they logged from beforehand and as soon as the servers were back online, the money had been transferred.

  • Binary Scams

There are complaints that the binary system at Binary options is a complete disarrayed system that does not work as it should because the trades are sometimes not registered and money is not logged. This is questionable. The most trust able Binary options trading are TradeRushOnline platform,  Pairbinaryoptions and Anyoptiontrading platform.