Sport Odds Derivatives

Sport odds derivatives sound extremely “official,” but they are actually a very simple thing. They are a wager made against a single set of odds. For example, you can use an online sport odds derivatives bookmaker to place a wager on the odds assigned to a particular horse in an upcoming race. It doesn’t matter if the horse wins, loses, or even finishes the race…the only thing that matters in a sport odds derivatives wager is whether or not the odds move in the direction you indicated that they would.

Let’s paint a clearer picture…you are someone who frequently places wagers on all kinds of horse racing events. You have created, or pay to use, a special horse racing system that helps to generate the most accurate odds possible. This system is based on a database of statistics about the horse, riders, training, racing times, etc. This means that as many variables as possible are used to determine how several horses will perform in a single racing event. Bookmakers already use these types of systems to set their odds for the clients, and if you think that they are stacking the odds too high or low, you can make wagers using sports odds derivatives.

If your wager is for the odds on a horse to drop by 16% or more before the race is off, and the odds do indeed dip that low, you take the win. Clearly, this is a great way to make your system pay even more because it doesn’t have any dependence on the actual outcome of a sporting event. No matter if it is horse racing, football, or auto racing, if your wager on the variations in the odds is correct, you will have “won” the bet. This is a great way to really profit from knowledge and experience.