Sport Odds Market

Like so many other great “secrets” of the world, the sport odds market has now been uncovered. Though it is still a tremendously lucrative way to make a wager, it is a lot more common than it used to be.

What is the sport odds market? Simply put, it is a way to make a bet on any changes in the odds assigned to a sporting event before it actually begins. For instance, fans of American Football know that some games favor one team to win and one to lose. The bookmakers will create odds for the different wagers that might apply to a game.

Someone familiar with the sport odds market can take their knowledge of the odds and determine if these are going to shift upwards or downwards in the days leading up to the actual game.
This person can then use their preferred bookmaker to place a bet on the way they think that the odds (not the two teams) will perform. Because the odds shift as game days approach, most people making a sports odd wager will usually try to do so a few days out from the start of the race, game or event. In this way, they get the best terms possible from the bookmaker too.

The outcome of an event is irrelevant to the person making a wager on the odds. Instead, they win their wager if the odds do indeed head in the directions anticipated and by the amount indicated (or more than indicated). This means that the person who knows about horse racing can look at the odds, see that they are inaccurate for a particular race, head to their bookmaker to put a wager that the odds on one animal will increase, and then take the prize if the odds do shift that way! This is a low risk approach to sports betting, but does ask for insider knowledge.